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Air Quality

Color Key
green Good
yellow Moderate
orange Unhealthy for sensitive groups
red Unhealthy
purple Very unhealthy
maroon Hazardous
Pollutant Key
triangle Carbon monoxide (CO)
cross Ozone (O3)
square Particulate Matter (PM-10)
star Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

Air Quality Information


A great site on national air quality, with animated regional ozone maps.


EPA's Office of Air & Radiation for quick access to air and radiation information.

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Pollutant: Ozone (8 hr)

Current AQ: green 44

Category: Good

Caution: None

Health Effects: None

  • Want more info on the AQI? Click here for a detailed explanation of what these measurements mean for you!
  • The AQI data displayed here is based on the most current data available on October 22, 2014 for the 8:00 PM hour. Please note that all times are always recorded in Central Standard Time. The preliminary data displayed on this page has not been fully validated, and is subject to change after quality assurance review.
  • For detailed AQ reports on all Wichita area monitoring stations click here or click on the map, chart or table below!
Below left is a map showing the locations of air quality monitoring stations in Wichita. Below right is a graph showing the three highest current readings for the three pollutants of concern in Wichita.

Wichita city limits.

Map of Wichita.
Station Location Particulate Matter Ozone (8 hr) Nitrogen Dioxide

W1 Health Dept. I-135 & 9th Available Available Available

SG NW Sedgwick Not Collected Good Not Available

W3 Glenn & Pawnee Good Not Available Not Available

W4 Hydraulic & K96 Good Not Available Not Available

P1 Peck - Sumner County Not Available Good Good

NOTES: 'Not Collected' indicates the pollutant is not measured at the given station. 'Not Available' indicates there is an interruption in the normal transmission of data from the station to the web server.
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